How A Child Developmental Passport Can Help Families

BY DEEPA SRINIVASAVARADAN Developmental Passports can be used by parents to track the health, wellness, and development of their child. These are available in both English and Spanish for families. A STATE EXAMPLE The Child Developmental Passport in NJ was developed in collaboration with the State Ambassador of the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) Learn the Signs, Act Early Program and the Help Me Grow and Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiative of the NJ Department […]


Bazinga…Thoughts on Autism with Dr Sheldon Cooper

“BAZINGA!!!” Is there any college graduate living or imaginary who epitomizes the traits associated with Asperger’s Syndrome better than Sheldon Cooper? Sheldon, or Dr. Cooper (as he probably would make me call him), is the academic anchor of the comedy show, “The Big Bang Theory”. And while I do not believe he has ever been formally diagnosed on the show, it is clear to those of us in the field, that he exemplifies someone living […]


Realizing A Dream

THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS ALASKA SPORTS, HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER BY J. GLENN M. ROSWAL In 2014, Special Olympics Alaska opened the doors to the latest phase of the Special Olympics Alaska Sports, Health, and Wellness Center, an incredible 28,000 square foot facility in Anchorage, Alaska, which is a part of the Special Olympics Alaska Athlete Training Center and Camp. The Center is an $8 million facility which includes a 20,000-square foot multi-purpose high school size […]


Signs Of Child Abuse

If child abusers looked more like the cartoon bad guys, it would be a lot easier to identify them and protect children. But, child abuse offenders come from all ranks, races, religions and income levels. As hard as it can be to imagine, an abuser can be your neighbor, co-worker or even friend. The Department of Defense and the Family Advocacy Program are committed to addressing, preventing and ending child abuse. Do your part in […]