TIPS FOR MILITARY SPECIAL NEEDS FAMILIES Disabled children of active duty military families who are enrolled in Tri Care’s Exceptional Family Member Program may be eligible for a Tri Care Waiver-equivalent program, the Extended Care Health Option/ECHO, which provides “financial assistance to beneficiaries with special needs for an integrated set of services and supplies.” This program is typically offered to children under the age of 18 but in some circumstances eligibility may be extended beyond […]

Changing the Game

PUZZLES & CAMO BY SHELLY HUHTANEN Due to the collaboration of the Autism Project and Hasbro, children will be able to reap the benefits of ToyBox Tools and be one step closer to sitting with their peers while enjoying a game of Candyland or Connect 4. Memories of playing board games as a child may be a common theme, but not so common for some. I spent many afternoons playing Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders […]

VA Partners with PGA to Support PGA HOPE Program for Veterans with Disabilities

HOPE Offers Therapeutic Golf for Disabled Veterans and Injured Service Members WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is partnering with PGA REACH, the philanthropic arm of PGA of America, to bring a specialized golf program to disabled Veterans. The program, PGA HOPE – Helping Our Patriots Everywhere – is a therapeutic program to aid in the rehabilitation process for disabled Veterans. The purpose of PGA HOPE is to help Veterans assimilate back into […]

Taking Care Of The Caregiver

BY JENNIFER WOODWORTH, PSY.D “Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.” – Christopher Germer Having a child with special needs requires extra care and attention from the family members that surround them. Special needs include children with physical, behavioral/emotional, developmental, and sensory impairments. This includes a range of abilities and challenges faced by each child and therefore the family as well. Often, the needs of the primary […]

Come Fly With Me

PUZZLES & CAMO BY SHELLY HUHTANEN The flight crew introduced themselves… They too had children with autism and the pilot who led the tour, Erich Andrew Ries, had flown several times with his son on the spectrum. The thought of working through severe behavior in a closed compartment, flying through the air at 40,000 feet, around a hundred people I’ve never met, makes me want to vomit. Literally, vomit. As you can imagine, since our […]