The Milestone Tracker, is now available in Spanish!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pleased to announce that its free app, the Milestone Tracker, is now available in Spanish!  This mobile app is part of a suite of free, family-friendly materials available through the  program Learn the Signs. Act Early. The Milestone Tracker allows parents to track their child’s development in a fun and easy way and gives them 1) tips to help their child learn and grow; 2) a way to track milestones […]

U.S. Department of Education Announces Initiative to Address the Inappropriate Use of Restraint and Seclusion to Protect Children with Disabilities, Ensure Compliance with Federal Laws

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today that the U.S. Department of Education will launch an initiative to address the possible inappropriate use of restraint and seclusion in our nation’s schools. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR), in partnership with the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), will oversee this proactive approach which will protect students with disabilities by providing technical assistance and support to schools, districts, and state education agencies, […]

Down Syndrome competitor Lucas Barron to make Dakar Rally history

Lucas Barron will make history on Sunday when he lines up on the Dakar Rally starting line in Peru, becoming the first person with Down Syndrome to take part in the grueling race. The 25-year-old, who will be co-pilot for his father Jacques, will tackle the world’s most demanding rally: a 5,000-km, 10-day marathon, 70 percent of which will be raced over sand. “Our aim is to finish the race and achieve our goal,” a […]

Measuring the Brain

By Elise Welker For children with the challenging symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—the most commonly diagnosed mental health condition in young children—new research from Kennedy Krieger Institute reveals a likely biological connection: significantly reduced brain size at a young age. Using high-resolution brain imaging scans along with cognitive and behavioral measures, researchers studied the brain development of 90 preschoolers. It was the first study to identify preschool-age children with ADHD symptoms, and to […]

Study Looks at Boys and Girls with Autism Who Falsely Screen Negative at an Early Age

A study in 2018 issue of Pediatrics looks at why some children receive negative results on early autism screenings, but then go on to later receive a diagnosis of autism. Authors of “Clinical Features of Children with Autism Who Passed 18-Month Screening” examined the developmental and temperamental profiles of more than 68,000 18-month-old Norwegian infants, all of whom received a negative result on a parent-directed questionnaire designed to screen for autism. The authors found that […]

Golisano News – Rochester Pediatric Dentist Dr. Abrahim Caroci to Receive Special Olympics 2018 Golisano Health Leadership Award for New York State

Rochester Pediatric Dentist Dr. Abrahim Caroci to Receive Special Olympics 2018 Golisano Health Leadership Award for New York State  Foundation Director Ann Costello to Present the Award Sat. Dec. 8th at Jacob K. Javitz Center in NYC  Dr. Caroci Is One of Only 109 Globally to be Honored with this Year’s Golisano Award Special Olympics New York President and CEO Stacey Hengsterman and Golisano Foundation Executive Director Ann Costello announced today that Rochester, NY pediatric […]

Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and other Special Needs

For the millions of Americans who have physical, medical, sensory or cognitive disabilities, emergencies such as fires, floods and acts of terrorism present a real challenge. The same challenge also applies to the elderly and other special needs populations. Protecting yourself and your family when disaster strikes requires planning ahead. This information will help you get started. Discuss these ideas with your family, friends and/or your personal care attendant, or anyone else in your support […]

Parents & Caregivers of ADHD

While ADHD is believed to be hereditary, effectively managing your child’s symptoms can affect both the severity of the disorder and development of more serious problems over time. Early intervention holds the key to positive outcomes for your child. The earlier you address your child’s problems, the more likely you will be able to prevent school and social failure and associated problems such as underachievement and poor self-esteem that may lead to delinquency or drug […]

National Family Caregivers Month 2018: Celebrating a Year of Accomplishment

National Family Caregivers Month 2018: Celebrating a Year of Accomplishment By Lance Robertson, Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging We hear repeatedly that without family caregivers, our long-term services system would be stretched to the breaking point. Family caregivers make it possible for so many of our nation’s citizens to remain independent, living in the settings of their choice. Supporting families and family caregivers in their efforts to assist their friends and loved ones is at the very […]

Keeping the Holidays Sensory-Sensitive

Kindering therapists address sensory processing issues and a number of developmental challenges every day. The following material was written by Teresa Fair-Field, Kindering Occupational Therapist (OT), about dealing with sensory processing disorder (SPD) during the holiday season for children who celebrate Christmas as well as many other holidays. Also, be sure to read her original poem about SPD and the holidays – Taming the Grinch in your House – by scrolling down or clicking here. Be sensory-sensitive […]