Weathering Storms for over 60 Years

No matter what natural disaster occurs, Arc Broward is prepared to continue fulfilling its goal of “Changing Perspectives. Changing Lives.” South Florida is often the epicenter of natural disasters; whether it be hurricanes, flooding or tornadoes and Arc Broward, a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly changing how people with developmental disabilities and life challenges are embraced and included, is always prepared to work hand-in-hand with the community to deal with these extraordinary circumstances. That type […]

Achieving Dreams Through Setting Goals

BY STEPHANIE CORKETT After hours of climbing, Hanna Atkinson crested the top of Gray’s Peak, a 14,000- foot peak in the Colorado Rockies which is among a class of mountains known as “Fourteeners.” Hanna set a goal to make the climb after her brother Jeff’s death, and reached the summit in his honor. Hanna has a long history of high achievement which she credits to her ability to set goals. She was a commencement speaker […]

Bringing the Family’s Voice to Research: How Families Contribute to Research (Part Two)

by  Lisa Diller, Seattle, Washington; Paula Drew, Edmond, Oklahoma; Marquitha Gilbert, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Nancy Ford, Atlanta, Georgia; tina hjorngaard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Kim Rayfield, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Barbara Taylor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania This is the second of a two-part article about our experiences as parent members of the On-Track Study research team. In this article we reflect on how our engagement in the research process evolved over four years and about the benefits of including parents as members of the research team. […]

Simple “Life Hacks” For Students With Dyslexia

BY ANGELA SHAW Many parents understand that building resiliency and independence within their child will increase self-esteem, happiness, and success throughout life. However, children with dyslexia are faced daily with tasks that are extremely difficult for them and they often experience repeated failure when attempting these tasks (IDA, 2013). Therefore, anxiety is often the tenor of their lives and may be generalized in one or many aspects of their reality. Because of their vulnerability to […]

Financial Literacy for Everyone: Florida’s My Money Program

Individuals with disabilities make up approximately 12.9 percent of Florida’s population; 9.9 percent of working aged individuals in the United States (18-64 years old) have a disability, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Yet, individuals with disabilities experience significant disparities in employment and participation in the workforce, per the American Institutes for Research. In Florida, 18.2 percent of individuals with disabilities are employed, while those without a disability are employed at a rate of 60.5 […]

Training First Responders To Respond Bettter

“The SNAP Program makes a vital contribution to the armamentarium of best practices addressing the unique needs of special populations and their ability to thrive and participate in the community. It will become a time-honored component in the first responders’ toolkit.” – Rick Rader, MD, Medical Liaison, SNAP Program BY BRUCE GARNER Even under the best of circumstances, it is challenging to be a good parent, but when your child has special needs, it gets […]

Transitions: Moving from Pediatric Care to Adult Care can be Tricky. Here are 8 Questions to Ask Your Doctor to Facilitate the Process.

by Kritz, Fran Many neurologic diseases, such as epilepsy, spinal muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy, or Down syndrome, begin in childhood when patients are seen by pediatric neurologists. What happens when these patients age into adulthood? Do they stay “with their pediatric specialist or switch to a neurologist who treats adults or both children and adults? The accepted wisdom is to transition to doctors who treat adults, says Bruce H. Cohen, MD, FAAN, professor of pediatrics […]

Dear Future Daughter-In-Law

BY KIMBERLEE MCCAFFERTY “You may also be worried about your kids being autistic, and I think we should talk about this too. They’re still figuring out the causes (I’m hoping if I make it to one hundred they’ll have it figured out, it’s a goal,) but genetics definitely plays a part.” Dear Future Daughter-in-law, For the record, I’m planning on still being around when my son marries you, but I was pretty damn old when […]

Bringing the Family’s Voice to Research: Parents as Members of the Research Team (Part One)

by Lisa Diller, Seattle, Washington; Paula Drew, Edmond, Oklahoma; Marquitha Gilbert, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Nancy Ford, Atlanta, Georgia; tina hjorngaard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Kim Rayfield, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Barbara Taylor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   “Nothing About Us Without Us!” is a slogan used to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct participation of members of the group(s) affected by that policy.” It has been embraced by the disability community for […]

Transition for Young Adults with Complex Care Needs

GENETIC ALLIANCE BY CAROLINE SPARTIN In addition to the myriad of new experiences associated with living independently, those with complex care needs have the added burden of taking over the responsibility of their own care. Transitioning from a dependent adolescent to an independent adult can be a significant change for most young adults. This journey challenges individuals as they struggle to gain autonomy over their lives. Many move away from home, learning the challenges of […]