A College Education for Individuals with Autism

By Susan J. Moreno A Personal Experience Guiding any offspring through the college selection process is a difficult and sensitive process. Some children, whether neuro-typical or differently-abled, know from an early age the college they want to attend. Others may not know which school they want to attend, but they do know what they want to study. We try to help our offspring discover their options and then a choice is made. There is no […]

Divorce, Custody, and ASD

Divorce is difficult on all families. Parents often struggle with the decision to separate from their spouse, worrying about the consequences divorce may have on the children. For parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the decision to separate and eventually divorce from a spouse is especially difficult. Parents worry about a myriad of things, and there are no clear cut answers to most of the questions you may be contemplating. Nonetheless, the questions […]

My Child Seems To Put Everything Into His Mouth

By James Mulick, PhD Ohio State University Pica refers to the apparent appetite for non-food items with no nutritional value. It presents a problem when the items are poisonous, pose the risk of infection, are otherwise harmful to health or might produce injury (as a result of swallowing something sharp). Exploring objects by tasting and smelling is a universal human investigative technique, which eventually diminishes based upon experience and learning. Babies explore many things with […]

Children With Autism Bolting and Neighborhood Safety

By Bridget Taylor, PsyD, BCBA-D and Kate E. Cerino Britton, MSEd, MA BCBA, Alpine Learning Group You are not alone. In fact, according to an online survey conducted by the National Autism Association, 92 percent of the parents indicated their child with autism was at risk of wandering away from his or her home or care provider. An additional concern is that when wandering, many children with autism are unable to take steps to ensure […]

“Could My Child Have Autism?” Ten Signs of Possible Autism-Related Delays in 6- to 12-Month-Old Children

Though autism is often not diagnosed until the age of three, some children begin to show signs of developmental delay before they turn a year old. While not all infants and toddlers with delays will develop autism spectrum disorders (ASD), experts point to early detection of these signs as key to capitalizing on early diagnosis and intervention, which is believed to improve developmental outcomes. According to Dr. Rebecca Landa, director of the Center for Autism and Related […]

How Families Can Help Their Son or Daughter With Disabilities Find Work

Families and friends can play an important role helping those with disabilities plan for employment and find a job that is a good fit. Job Matching Families know their child better than anyone else and can contribute important insights throughout the job development process.  To help an individual find the right job it is important to share information about: A person’s interests and skills A person’s learning style A person’s social skills Environments that support […]

After Other Options Fail, A Family Tries Medical Marijuana For Son With Autism

Heard on Morning Edition Lynn Arditi One November afternoon inside a raised ranch in Rhode Island, Kristal and Chris’ 13-year-old son was just getting home from school. “How’s school?” Chris says. “Bad!” Dylan says. He’s a skinny kid with glasses – still small enough for his mom to wrap him in a bear hug if he gets out of control. He’s had a lot of bad days. Dylan’s parents review the daily reports his school […]

Children With Autism Dental Exams

By Jennifer Hieminga, MEd, BCBA Associate Director, (http://www.newhavencentre.com/) New Haven Learning Centre. Toronto, Canada For many individuals with autism, routine appointments such as medical, dental and haircuts can be extremely difficult to tolerate. There are many factors that may contribute to this intolerance such as novel environments, novel adults, novel or aversive sounds, bright lights, foreign tastes, painful sensations, sitting for long periods of time and physical touch. As a result, many children with autism […]

Organizing an Inclusive Birthday Party

Birthday parties can create fear in many parents. All the excitement, noise and sugar at the start, followed by tears and tantrums at the end. Not to mention all the expensive, catering and planning that’s involved. But one aspect of the planning that parents shouldn’t worry over is the invite list. Should you invite the child in the class with special needs? The simple answer is, yes. Having children with special needs at the party may require a […]

Toilet Training Children With Autism

By Frank Cicero, PhD Director of Psychological Services at Eden II Programs Here is the good news…children with autism can be toilet trained through the exact same methods that are used with typically-developing children. And what are these methods? Applied behavior analysis! If you have ever toilet trained a typically-developing child, you probably used a combination of praise and rewards for going on the toilet, explaining your expectations, removing the child‘s diaper, prompting to the […]