Vaccines DO NOT Cause Autism

– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that is caused by differences in how the brain functions. People with ASD may communicate, interact, behave, and learn in different ways. Recent estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network found that about 1 in 68 children have been identified with ASD in communities across the United States. CDC is committed to providing essential data on […]

Fullerton Cares Autism Foundation

BY JESS BLOCK NERREN, MA Creating authentic autism awareness, acceptance and action in every corner of a Southern California Community. Boyd Houser isn’t just any adorable six-year-old kid who loves to write with chalk, build snowmen and give hugs to his family. He is a little guy who will grow up in a world where inclusion isn’t just a word but also a way of life. Boyd inspired his dad, Larry Houser, to found the […]

Finding Their Voices

Camp Program Helps Kids Who Use Computers To Communicate  Every August, a caravan pulls up at Camp Chatterbox in New Jersey and when the car doors open, campers pile out to begin a fun-packed week of activities. Some are Chatterbox veterans, others are tentative newcomers, but all of them are excited to be there for an experience that puts them on a level playing field in more ways than one. The overnight program is sponsored by Children’s […]

ep 2015 Teachers of the Year

BY VANESSA B. IRA, EDITOR EP MAGAZINE Three outstanding Teachers of the Year are being honored in this edition of EP (Exceptional Parent) magazine, our Annual Schools & Camps Issue. These are teachers whose work requires extraordinary patience, sometimes in the midst of constant emotional outbursts. Teachers who must focus always on what a student can do – and not on what he or she cannot do. These are the teachers who celebrate with parents and caregivers when a student is able to […]

An Overview Of Children And Youth Programs

The military services offer a wide variety of quality children and youth programs in structured developmental settings on and off the military installation to provide for safe, age-appropriate activities. YOUTH PROGRAMS Instructional programs: Instructional programs provide opportunities to develop new skills and learn in hands-on, informal settings. Programs cover a wide range of topics including photography, woodworking, science and technology, gardening, health and safety. Recreation sports programs: These programs are typically offered through the installation youth center. A year-round program of team sports provides numerous opportunities for youth to challenge themselves […]

What Constitutes A Quality Program For Children Who Are Deaf?

BY FREEMAN KING, Ed.D If parents decide a school district’s inclusive/mainstreaming program is the optimum and appropriate educational program for deaf children, this should center around an approach that offers a quality education that prepares the deaf student to compete as an equal with hearing children in the school. Education for the child who is deaf has historically gone through many changes related to educational ideology and placement decisions. Presently, for good or bad, in […]

Are Volunteers the Solution?

BY BARRY WALDMAN, DDS, MPH, PhD; STEVEN P. PERLMAN, DDS, MScD, DHL;  LYNN MA.  MISHA GAREY, DDS Why is it that we, who are living in an advanced country, are so dependent upon the volunteering effort of so many for an array of basic medical care for unbelievable numbers of poor and individuals with special needs? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that between September 2012 and September 2013 about 62.6 million people (25.4 percent) of […]

Dyslexia: A New Perspective

A NEW PERSPECTIVE BY KARIN MERKLE Pass along this information to teachers and parents who may be stuck in the myths of dyslexia. Whether a student ends up getting lessons or not, the word and information you share may just save our world’s next great inventor, engineer, or scientist! I have great news to share with you about bright children (and adults) who struggle with reading and spelling. In a moment, when I share a […]

The Power Of Therapeutic Music Through The Eyes Of Compositional Legends

BY MARTHA SUMMA-CHADWICK & STEVE WEISER A spectacular series of concert performances, lectures, and workshops to advocate for a very special musical cause is scheduled in the beautiful city of Erie, Pennsylvania, during the week of April 13 to 17. The Erie Chamber Orchestra (ECO) has designed a distinctive week long festival to promote the idea of music for therapeutic as well as aesthetic use. To create this unique musical tapestry, the ECO has woven a network of local, regional, and national partners to […]

Making Goals Meaningful & Manageable

BY TOM KEATING Goal Guide allows parents to share in this process and it allows teachers to manage multiple students’ goal portfolios We’re all familiar with goals. Goals enable us to live the lives we want to live. We either have, or we’re told we should have, goals for business, for financial planning, for healthier living. Parents of students with disabilities are probably more familiar than they want to be with a certain type of […]