Dr. Rader Presented Move to Include Award

American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry (AADMD) presented the Move to Include Award to Rick Rader, MD, Director, of the Morton J. Kent Habilitation Center, Orange Grove Center on June 29, 2018 at the AADMD 1 Voice Conference in Seattle Washington. Dr. Rader was presented the award for believing and acting in the purest realm of the essence of “move of include,” believing in the sanctity, value and merit of “together,” and knowing that […]

On Becoming a Practitioner of the Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Exceptional parents have far too many artifacts to sift through and decide which pile to place them in. What do you do with early IEPs, MRI findings, Special Olympic medals, behavioral support plans, clinic appointment cards, support group newsletters, insurance explanation of coverage and conservatorship papers? It started innocently enough. My wife decided it was time to change the carpeting in our bedroom. It had outlived its […]

On Early Warning Systems

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF It falls upon parents, clinicians, teachers, job coaches, direct support professionals, friends, siblings and case managers to understand what constitutes an early warning system for the individuals they care about, treat and support. Several days ago, over a million residents in Hawaii were horrified to receive a cell phone warning that North Korea had launched a nuclear missile so the residents needed to seek immediate shelter. What […]

On Learning How to Face Up to Things

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF At the Orange Grove Center we are investigating the merits of using robots in teaching medical students and family practice residents facial expression recognition. Some diseases, conditions and disorders just don’t sound menacing. Cramps, flus, corns, styes and cysts. Even without knowing what they actually are, you could easily shrug your shoulders from the sound of their names. But then there are others. Take Mad Cow Disease, […]

Beat the Clock

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Not being able to “Beat the Clock” for AAMD physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, behaviorists, neurologists, optometrists and other healthcare specialists means not being able to tell families that everything that can be done is being done. Earlier this morning I found the time to glance through the latest issue of the British Medical Journal. It’s somewhat ironic to say that “I found the time to glance through the […]