The Case of the 125-Pound, Drooling, Snoring, Gassy, Loud and Silly Girl

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Most journal case presentations provide building blocks of information. After the initial description, they proceed with the results of diagnostic tests that were ordered. In 1792, British physician Dr. John Howard advised his colleagues, “The examination of a patient should be made by a medical gentleman of the hospital, with the patient before him, his notes to be corrected by himself… and if  anything extraordinary or worthy […]


Honoris Causa

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF If my work in the disability arena over the last 20 odd years is deserving of an honorary doctorate from this respected medical-dental university, the honor belongs to the disability community. My stock has just risen to new heights. I now have something in common with the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet; Nelson Mandela, the leader of the movement that defeated apartheid in South Africa; […]


In and Out of the Lines

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF People, like crayons, come in a vast array of colors; but each one contributes to our collective palette. Stephanie Botswich had a particularly stressful day at work. Traffic was horrendous. Paperwork was time sensitive. Emails were haunting. Meetings ware laborious. Lunch was at a drive-thru. Colleagues were indifferent. Her desktop was indignant. By the time she made it home, she was frazzled. Having been through this familiar […]


Word Count

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF I think readers of this magazine would nominate two words that would give “cellar door,” and “tremulous,” a run for their money. They certainly convey “comfort and the deepness of human relationships.” They are “exceptional” and “parent.” Not sure how many I used since I woke up this morning; but I just used 19 of them. I know because I counted them. That is one thing you […]