Could Encouraging Hand Dominance be a Useful Intervention in Autism?

  Research has shown an association between some developmental abnormalities, including autism, and a failure to develop a definite (either right or left) hand dominance. Dr Gillian Forrester, an Oxford researcher makes this comment on handedness. “—Today, we understand that handedness is not a binary characteristic (left or right), but rather, it exists along a gradient that ranges from strongly left-handed to strongly right-handed.” Research has also shown that each hemisphere of the brain is […]


How my Son’s Autism Changed Me

The other day I was talking to a complete stranger at my son’s summer camp’s bus stop. We chatted like old friends meeting after years. There is something that bonds us all together…the experiences, the pain, the joy ,and the lessons. There is so much to share. We finally parted, promising a lunch date along with some spa time…knowing well, it was easier said than done 🙂 On my way back, I thought… I was […]


Dear Able-Bodied

Dear Able-Bodied, I know you have seen me in the store, on campus, or at my local pregnancy center volunteering. I know you have seen my handicapped sister playing at the park, or eating her favorite fries at the local Wendy’s. You see us, and for some reason often turn away, as though embarrassed about not knowing how to react to our disabilities. The disability community is all around you. Wherever you go, you probably […]


Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #Community

Long before my daughter, Bree was diagnosed with Autism, we struggled finding opportunities for her to fit in. She didn’t behave like the other children in those mom and tot classes. I was well aware of this, but I didn’t appreciate it being pointed out to me by strangers. Inside, I was battling to accept the fact that something wasn’t right. I was also fighting with our pediatrician at the time, who wanted to wait […]