Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! – #Learning

  Learning….I think the first thing we needed to learn was that Bree was not going to be like her older brother and sister. My son, Daniel, was my first born and his sisters hate that he earned the title the “easy one” but, that was what he was. He had an easy going personality early on and he excelled in school right away. My second born Kailey, began by teaching me life is not […]


A Trip to Disneyland

Not long ago, we let Sophie play hooky from seventh grade for two days, and took her to Disneyland. I considered it an educational trip – every time we go, it seems, Sophie gets a little smarter. Some evidence: When Sophie was just shy of 5, she made her first real foray into potty training after the promise of Snow White panties in exchange for dry pull-ups. At 7, she showed compassion and maturity by […]


Advocating Neurodiversity at Florida Atlantic University’s CARD

When someone introduces me one phrase is almost always mentioned: “neurodiversity advocate.” I am proud of that, even though the two words that make up that label are a bit vague. What exactly does “neurodiversity advocate” mean? We here at feel that “neurodiversity” simply refers to those of us whose brains think and work a bit differently. We believe in a big, friendly tent where ALL different types of brains are welcome happily! If you ask […]


A Voice for the Voiceless

I want to speak up for those who can’t talk can’t walk can’t see can’t interact   there were so many can’ts in that sentence why not focus on what a person CAN do? I am sick of this society pushing us aside like we don’t matter   we do matter we do have a voice We each have a purpose we are loved and cherished  we have a life we were placed on this […]