Do, do, do the Conga!


One thing that D is very much looking foward to this week is the start of After-School Theatre Club.  It’s run by an external drama teacher and, as it’s a paid-for activity, we wanted to be very sure she’d enjoy it before we committed to it.

That’s the issue at times, isn’t it? There’s masses and masses of enthusiasm shown prior to an event and then ….. anxieties kick in and it just doesn’t happen, which is what happened when we booked D in for a taster session a year or so ago.

It’s not just Drama that’s covered, they sing and choreograph dances to music, as well as a bit of role play – all things that (in the right, gently encouraging environment) D really enjoys.

But her absolutely best bit? It’s the Conga at the end of the session!

Can you imagine how great it must look? All the SN children, with their varying degrees of anxiety and their needs for personal space, all smiling and laughing whilst doing the Conga?

It must be so rewarding for staff to watch and one of the main reasons why there’s been a bit of pester-power to get that form filled in and get the money sent in.

The children certainly all look extremely happy and relaxed when they come out of the session every week, I’m really looking forward to hearing all about it from D when she gets home.  If she’s not too tired, that is.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a year or so can make?



I got into blogging after having my two children and after my daughter was diagnosed with autism at age 4.5, my son was subsequently also diagnosed at age 10. It helped me to read other blogs and I realised that, if I shared my experiences, it may help others too. The blog has evolved to include my wellbeing as I believe I’m a better parent to my children if I look after myself too and I review items that I feel would be of interest. Prior to having my children, I was an Executive PA for a leading insurance company. I’m from Berkshire, UK.