A Voice for the Voiceless

I want to speak up
for those who can’t talk
can’t walk
can’t see
can’t interact


there were so many can’ts in that sentence
why not focus on what a person CAN do?
I am sick of this society
pushing us aside
like we don’t matter


we do matter
we do have a voice
We each have a purpose
we are loved and cherished 
we have a life
we were placed on this earth for a reason


I have a disability
it is part of my life
and something I will fight for
until there is change
till we are recognized 
not just in this country
but around the world


We just want to be loved
have friends
and treated like a normal person


Please look beyond our inabilities
and look at our abilities
look at our hearts
look at what we have
not what we don’t have


Just because I have a DISability
doesn’t mean that I don’t have other amazing abilities
and skills to offer the world
I have a voice
and I will use it for the voiceless


-Jessica Ebersole

Jessica Ebersole is a twenty-something who lives in Chicago and explores life through the eyes of someone with a disability. Jessica has cerebral palsy but she does not let that stop her. She spends her days at a children’s museum and enjoys serving the community in various ways. She loves spending time with family, connecting with friends and photography.