Mission Statement

To Develop, Translate, and Share Information as Tools for Positive Change for the Special Needs Community

About eParent and Exceptional Parent

eParent (Exceptional Parent) is a 45-year-old, award-winning publishing and communications company. eParent provides practical advice, emotional support and the most up-to-date educational information for families of children and adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs as well as to the physicians, allied health care professionals, and educational professionals who are involved in their care and development.

eParent uses a multi-media approach to disseminate information through the following methods: its monthly print publication, Exceptional Parent magazine; eParent Special Needs Resource Directory; its Web site (eparent.com); clinical custom communications projects; and online, interactive CME accredited seminars and teleconferences on a wide range of special needs topics and an international Conference known as the World Congress on Disabilities.

AADMD Endorsed

eParent is the only special interest consumer publication in America to bear the endorsement of a professional medical society, the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD)


Editor-in-Chief - Rick Rader, MD 

Publisher - Leonard J. Harac, Pd.D.

 Managing Partner - Western Principal Partners LLC - Michael Turcich

Contributing Writer/ Editor - Vanessa Ira
Human Resources Manager - Lois Keegan
Director of Magazine Advertising  & Business Development - Faye Simon
Director of Digital Marketing - Jenna Turcich
Art Direction and Design - Fox Print
Resource Guide Specialist - Dennis Dusevic
Information Technology Expert - Ron Peterson
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Fax (973) 746-6217

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